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1952 Howell Mill Road NW, Suite 300
Atlanta, Ga 30318
United States




We are an architectural design firm dedicated to the creation of great buildings.


This is the first phase of the drawing process which is all about the Architect getting to know his client. The first impressions of a house hit the paper. Here the drawings are executed by hand and aim to create a feeling/attitude around a plan and elevation concept in a cohesive manner. We can use these drawings to obtain a preliminary estimate of the cost. This phase is approximately 2 months.


This is the middle phase of the drawing process involving a refinement of the initial concepts and drafting them into the computer in a more accurate way. We are still looking at the big picture of how the floor plans coordinate with the overall gestures of the exteriors and interior volumes. Here we endeavor to incorporate various changes to the concept and to focus more closely on the technical way the building will fit together. Typically this phased becomes a permit set for many jurisdictions. This phase takes approximately 2 months.


This phase finalizing a complete set of drawings for construction. This takes the big picture from the Design Development phase and expands upon it to add technical details of how the design is made real. This includes details like roof overhangs, interior elevations, foundation wall connections, trim, windows and doors, fireplace mantles and beam locations. This phase takes approximately 2 months.


This phase is all about getting a stack of paper converted into a building. Here we as Architects coordinate with the builder, homeowner, other consultants and building trades to make the concept a reality. We take great pride in being a proactive member of the construction processes. Our regular interaction with local craftsmen benefits your project. Shop drawings are reviewed, regular site visits made for inspections, phone calls, texts and emails are all part of the collaboration of getting the finished product right.